Pomelo, the most fun citrus fruit I know.


For someone who doesn’t really like grapefruit, I sure love pomelo. I think it has something to do with the consistency, the jewel-like sacks of tart juice that hold together oh-so well, and explode in the mouth.


Although they are for sale locally, we don’t buy them often. $9 pieces of fruit are, unfortunately, not within our regular budget. When in China though, it is a very different story.

A pomelo was an essential accompaniment to a long train ride in China where I grew to love these huge fruits. Perhaps is was my body’s way of telling me I needed more vitamin C to combat the freezing winter, but I yearned for pomelo. Large but not messy, and one of the only citrus variety that size that you can easily access knifeless.

Yesterday, defences weakened, the ruby red flesh of the display half was enough to convince us. I could already taste the delicate pearls, almost.

I have cooked with Pomelo before, in restaurants, mixing the whole pearls carefully with cool lemony sauces to go with simply panfried barramundi fillets, also, it would work beautifully regenerated into a dessert. But I prefer to rip the skin off with my fingers, peel the pith back and savour each mouthful, fresh, raw.


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