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  • I live in Seoul now, and have been in Korea for a few weeks short of a year.
  • I miss my Global Cafe dearly, especially cooking, but now I’m not working a zillion hours a day I actually have time to learn about Korean food, and eat!
  • My kitchen, although brand new and shiny, is limited. A two burner stovetop, a sink big enough to bathe a toddler and a midget fridge. Most days I cook, but not much worth telling you about. From now on my posts are going to be exploration and review, less recipe. But with winter arriving, I may just start cooking Korean food.
  • Another limitation is access to ingredients. Some things I could buy in my little corner store in Hanoi, rolled oats, plain yogurt, tortillas, french cheese, vegemite, lentils, tinned beans and tomatoes, etc are only available in small corners of this city, or not at all. Signs point to me just learning how to cook Korean food, yes?
  • Look out for a new design and a new section, coming soon!

What I wrote about me, in June, 2011.

Wow. The outdatedness of my previous about page defines just how little I like to write about myself. But I’m going to give it a red hot go, because I love to read them and I’ve suddenly been flung into idleness.

Right now I’m sitting behind the counter of my cafe in the South Korean countryside. My cafe. It sounds so strange, and feels even stranger. For months I’ve spent almost all my time here in this little space, cooking, thinking, talking, panicking, cleaning and making but soon I’ll be moving on, but that’s another story. Right now it is still mine, and you can read about it here.

I moved to South Korea in December 2010. It was snowing. My first meal was some kind of gogi jiggae, followed by naengmyeon, skidding on ice and sleep. I came here to hang out with Alex, a friend from university, who got me this cafe, and of course because of the opportunity to open a food shop of my own. I’ve been here for just over 6 months now, and this country, with all it’s quirks, is really starting to grow on me.

Before this I spent a year in Hanoi, eating, cooking and just living. I still miss the motorbikes and the stupid heat, bun cha, plastic stools, amazing markets and the freshness of the food.

I left Sydney in 2009, and have no desire to return just yet. I do miss understanding what is going on, the breadth of great food available there and the ease of obtaining essential items, but interest, adventure and novel experiences are keeping me abroad, for now at least.

Sydney always felt foreign to me anyway, even though I knew the place and could speak the language, it was always just a stop along the way. I grew up on an organic avocado farm in Northern NSW, a place that still feels like home. My dad still lives and farms there, now growing a range of vegetables. Dinner on the farm is often made up of things that were still growing an hour ago (except avocados, of course, as they’re the only fruit that won’t ripen on the tree) and things bought (or bartered) from the Rainbow Region Organic Market (Lismore showground, Tuesday mornings), which my dad helped start in the 90s.

Read more about why I stopped cooking professionally.

I live to eat, love to cook and will travel for food.


What I wrote about me, in 2007.

In another life I trained as a chef, and along with all the new skills I learned, I also discovered how to hate cooking. After I quit the joy and wonder that I had previously felt with food came back, gradually, but as a time (and money) poor student the food I cooked generally was not that interesting.

Suddenly I am working full time, which, strangely, means that I have more time than ever before to spend cooking, eating, photographing and enjoying food.