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Sometimes Dips aren’t the Best Option.

A few weeks ago I was invited to a gathering to celebrate Chinese New Year with my Chinese class. The invitation asked us to please ‘bring a plate of dish’ to this pre-class picnic – which I promptly forgot about until the evening before. When I remembered that I was supposed to bring some food, […]

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Fresh Tomato Salsa, or how to use up the limes.

Part two of how to use up those millions of limes is about salsa. And it failed. Failed entirely to use up my overabundance of limes. It did, however succeed in being delicious. Spicy, tangy, hot and sweet all at the same time, which I thought was Thai cuisines thing, but no, apparently Mexico is […]

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(unorthodox) Muhammara

In my estimation dips range from the divine to the disgusting. Memories of bright pink taramasalata, fake chemical tasting french onion and heavy, tasteless hummous turned me off dips for a terribly long time A recent visit to the wonderful Almond Bar switched it all around. A luscious trio of dips was memorable, and so […]

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Green Lentil and Anchovy Dip, an attempt

So, I have decided to start a food blog, in ernest this time. One of the reasons I have failed in the past, other than lack of time, was lack of interest. To combat this I am attempting a concerted effort and this means (drumroll) Events! Today, its ‘Waiter, there’s something in my … pulses!’. […]

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