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Drinking Makgeolli

Makgeolli  Makgeolli is at the top of my to-drink list when visiting Korea. And this being Korea, you cannot drink without eating. Although it is possible to sit outside any 7-11 and imbibe this Korean rice alcohol, it screams to be paired with better food than packaged dried squid. And because I’m classy, a trip to a […]

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What I ate – Korean restaurant edition.

Dwaeji kimchi jiggae In September I left Seoul. After the rush and heartbreak of finishing work and moving out of my house I had a little over a week to say goodbye to this city that kept teaching me new ways to love it. Here’s what I ate. Friday: Dinner: Dwaeji Kimchi Jiggae – Kimchi […]

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Mindeulle Cheoleom 민들레처럼

Omija alcohol (5,000 won per jar) Hyehwa is a spirited neighbourhood, half university town and half theatre district. The alleys off the main thoroughfare are dizzy with shops, eateries and theatres, providing interest in excess of the usual Seoul cookie-cutter neighbourhood. We’re here to visit a traditional Korean pub with a twist. This place infuses […]

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Places to eat in Korea

Restaurants in Korea fall into a few different categories, to state the bleeding obvious, this is the same case everywhere. But for a foreigner in Korea it can take a while to recognise and be able to classify eating places. Language barriers, unfamiliar food, social mores and expectations can combine to make the simple act […]

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Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant 아우미식

To find a passable Chinese restaurant in Seoul is a rare and beautiful thing and to rediscover one is even better. This dumpling house is hidden down an alley opposite Hongdae Playground and after visiting on a Monday, their day off, I assumed it had become yet another casualty of Seoul’s fickle restaurant scene. Lucky […]

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