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Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant 아우미식

To find a passable Chinese restaurant in Seoul is a rare and beautiful thing and to rediscover one is even better. This dumpling house is hidden down an alley opposite Hongdae Playground and after visiting on a Monday, their day off, I assumed it had become yet another casualty of Seoul’s fickle restaurant scene. Lucky […]

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Cheung Kee Noodle, Hongdae

Pork with hot and sour sweet sauce & wonton / with noodle 9,500w. Prawn wontons and pork dumplings are few and far between in Seoul. Had I known this my stopover in Hong Kong prior to moving to Korea for keeps would have been even more of a wonton rampage than it already was. Because […]

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Chinese food in Korea – Koreanised Chinese Restaurants.

This is the first post in a short series about Chinese food in Korea, what’s available and where to get it. Chinese food in Korea is not what you’d expect. South Korea is so close to mainland China, merely separated by the small issue of the impermeable North, and this physical divide is reflected in […]

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