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Drinking Makgeolli

Makgeolli  Makgeolli is at the top of my to-drink list when visiting Korea. And this being Korea, you cannot drink without eating. Although it is possible to sit outside any 7-11 and imbibe this Korean rice alcohol, it screams to be paired with better food than packaged dried squid. And because I’m classy, a trip to a […]

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What I ate – Korean restaurant edition.

Dwaeji kimchi jiggae In September I left Seoul. After the rush and heartbreak of finishing work and moving out of my house I had a little over a week to say goodbye to this city that kept teaching me new ways to love it. Here’s what I ate. Friday: Dinner: Dwaeji Kimchi Jiggae – Kimchi […]

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Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant 아우미식

To find a passable Chinese restaurant in Seoul is a rare and beautiful thing and to rediscover one is even better. This dumpling house is hidden down an alley opposite Hongdae Playground and after visiting on a Monday, their day off, I assumed it had become yet another casualty of Seoul’s fickle restaurant scene. Lucky […]

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Korean style grilled beef and a meat market.

The list of Korean food I’ve never eaten is long and stacked with local specialities, seasonal dishes and seafood. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve eaten Korean style beef. I’ve never even had bulgogi. This isn’t some cultivated curiosity, the stars have just never aligned for me and that famous Korean […]

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Interesting ice cream in Hongdae: Fell + Cole and Molly’s Pops.

The range at Molly’s Pops. It’s hot, blahblahblahblah, ice cream. You’ve all heard it before. Freezer cabinets in supermarkets and convenience stores across Korea are being filled and re-filled at a rate of knots, with flavours beyond imagining. There are ‘waffle’ wrapped red bean and tteok ice cream sandwiches, corn, chestnut, milk and coffee. Among […]

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