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Sugar palm fruit

One of the most beautiful things about living in Hanoi is the sudden appearance of unfamiliar produce in markets and in the baskets of roaming bicycle vendors. Even though I’ve lived here for so long, some things that I’ve never seen, or have seen and not noticed before, still pop up every now and then. Just last week, […]

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Thach dua – Coconut Jelly

One of the great joys of living in Hanoi is spending time by one its many lakes. Especially when the temperature spikes after the chilly, damp winter as it did a few Sunday’s ago. The road around Hanoi’s largest lake, Tay Ho, is lined with cafes where you can sit on the lakeside and drink […]

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Bo Bit Tet

Bo Bit Tet at Bit Tet Ngon So 5 – the meat is under the pile of chips. Bò Bít Tết is often translated into Vietnamese Beef Steak, but this is wholly different greasy beast. There are different variations around Hanoi, but as well as beef steak most include paté, eggs and potatoes served on a red-hot animal […]

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Mien Luon Tron

Lunch in Hanoi has been getting boring for me recently. You’re probably looking at your soggy sambo with wilted lettuce, or oily foodcourt noodles and thinking I’m a spoilt cow, but when you get used to the exotic, it no longer is. So lunchtime for me lately has either been bun cha or rice from […]

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Bot Chien

Vietnamese cuisine changes with latitude, and the south is a wonderland of long-forgotten specialities and new tastes for this new Hanoian. But with only a fleeting moment in Ho Chi Minh City, this trip became an extended grazing session. When I first moved to Hanoi a friend from Ho Chi Minh City gave me a […]

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